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RGB Group Inc
2602 State Street
San Diego, CA 92103

tel 619 293 3377
fax 619 293 3388

With over 20 years of building experience, Rich Gerace leads an energetic group of crafts people who execute challenging and sustainable custom projects with the highest quality.

GROUP, in the company name, represents the ongoing collaborative effort of the building process as RGB Group strives to forge lasting relationships with clients, subcontractors and architects.

APPROACH As a lean and efficient construction company, RGB Group is organized as a u2018shopu2019 -  an approach that allows them to work together and utilize the talents and skills of each contributor. With longstanding relationships established in San Diego, owner Rich Gerace maintains involvement in every project.  He brings together quality subcontractors custom tailored to unique client / project needs in a team that functions with relentless precision using sustainable construction practices, resulting in timeless handcrafted buildings.